GI Breaking Line

Welcome to the Grooming Institute of Canada

GI Breaking Line

The Grooming Institute is a Leadership and Business Training company. It’s a company designed to accelerate individuals and businesses toward the accomplishments they desire to achieve in life and in business. Different from many other companies in the training industry the Grooming Institute of Canada works beneath the surface of who we are, addressing the foundation on which people build their lives and their businesses.

The Grooming Institute of Canada’s greatness is in their ability to help people and companies become aware of their foundation. By giving them the tools to make the “shifts” and “exchanges” necessary in their foundation.

GIC aids people and organizations in eliminating the “GAP AFFECT” (the distance between were they are and where they want to be) in their life and in their businesses.

Much of the Grooming Institute work has involved tutoring, mentoring and life/business coaching in various roles and career focuses. Our passion is living an authentic, integrated and fulfilled life and assisting others to do the same if they so choose.

The Grooming Institute of Canada has the resources you need to:

  • Employment Services
  • Consulting Services
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Branding & Manufacturing
  • Franchise
  • Program Evaluations
  • Seminars and Business Fairs
  • Meet emerging accreditation expectations
  • Reduce staff injury, absenteeism, and turnover
  • Improve client care
  • Upgrade and Improve your or staffs talents
  • Address government and business/union expectations for staff safety standards proactively
  • Enhance risk management outcomes, and
  • Reduce litigation