GI Breaking Line

About the Grooming Institute of Canada

GI Breaking Line

Let the Grooming Institute of Canada Help You as a Business or and Individual

Let the Grooming Institute Help You With:

1. Admission Applications for New Employees

2. Recruitment Services
  • Brochure Writing
  • Standardized Forms / Policy Writing and Procedures
  • Curriculum Outlines and Teaching Policies to Match Your Programs
  • Video Production and Editing
  • Speeches
  • Resume Services
  • Resume Samples
  • Resume Formats
  • Resume Tips
  • Resume Templates
  • News and Events

3. Employment Services
Employment Services The Grooming Institute of Canada offers a full range of Employment Services for the individual or the employer. For your Business we offer:
  • Full Recruiting Services
  • Full-Time Recruiting Services
  • Temporary Recruiting Services
  • Vacation Recruiting Services
  • Critical Illness Replacement Services
  • Summer Student

Seeking Employment The Grooming Institute of Canada offers you the most current and up to date companies seeking your employment. We specialize in your field of training! We know what you are looking for and we can offer you the best opportunities.

4. New Graduates of Grooming or Student/Entry Level Placement